School intake area

Medina Primary School (Government Gazette January 2014)

The following defines the local-intake area of this school:

From the junction of Thomas Road and Gilmore Avenue, south along Gilmore Avenue (west side included) to Summerton Road, west along Summerton Road (north side included) to the western end of Summerton Road (near the Kwinana Golf Club clubhouse), north along Stanyford Way (east side included) to Gentle Road, west along Gentle Road (north side included) to the proposed Tasker Road, west along the proposed Tasker Road (north side included) and its western extension to the railway line, north along the railway line to Rockingham Road, north east along Rockingham Road (east side included) to the junction with Thomas Road, due west from this point to the coastline of the Indian Ocean and north along the coastline to a point coinciding with the westerly extension of Hope Valley Road, east from this point to and along Hope Valley Road (south side included) to Rockingham Road, south east along Hope Valley Road (southwest side included) to Abercrombie Road, south along Abercrombie Road (west side included) to Thomas Road, and east along Thomas Road (south side included) to Gilmore Avenue.

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