P & C Association

The objective of the Medina Primary School Parents and Citizens Association (P&C) is to promote the interests of the school through cooperation between parents, teachers and students; raise funds to provide additional resources and amenities for the school; and promoting community interest in educational matters.

The P&C is responsible for operating the school canteen. With the help of volunteers the canteen is able to open five days per week.

The profits from the canteen, as well as any fundraising undertaken has given the children of Medina Primary School many benefits over the years. 

The P&C is always looking for new parents or guardians to assist them, whether it is contributing at regular meetings, or helping out with a fundraiser or an event such as Sports Day. Each parent and guardian is urged to consider how best to offer their time and talents to assist in this task.

There are many benefits of being a P&C member, it is a great way to meet new people and make new friends! Please come and join us, membership is $1 for the year, and you can join at any time during the year. If we don’t have the people to help, our children will miss out. There is so much we can accomplish together!

Further information:

President, Tanya Richards
Secretary, Don Richards

Email medina.ps.pnc@hotmail.com